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    Default 3 more images for competition critique

    I'm trying to be brave...
    Three more images for possible print competition. Note: I am trying to merit, not win! Any feedback would be helpful. This will be my first time entering competition, so I need help. Thank you, thank you , thank you!

    Possible title: Time Out

    Possible title: Afterglow

    Possible title: Reluctant Flowergirl

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    So glad you are jumping in and taking advantage of the expertise here.

    I love the little girl- you can see her thoughts in her eyes.

    I'm looking forward to what the guru's have to say.

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    Default Please post (much) bigger ...

    Hi Jennifer;

    You are going the right way using Photobucket ... but then you put small images in there. Please re-load images, in Photobucket, in 8X10's and 10" X 8's. Then, in Photobucket, right click where it says IMG Code. Then in the Forum, right click and click Paste. That way we will see 8X10's.

    I'd like to make comments and suggestions but not on wallet size. I look forward to see bigger soon.

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    Jennifer - I too would like to see these images larger. Here's a few observations based on what I can tell. I like the image of the kids on the beach very much. It's cropped too tight IMO. I monkeyed around and stretched it to make a long narrow print. Placing the kids in the lower right intersection of thirds from left to right. (Do you know what I mean by thirds. Not trying to be condescending - just don't want to reference an unfamilar idea) I would then position the slimline on the 16x20 background so the kids are 2/3rds down from the top. It appears - but again - small file - that there is nice directional light even though it's very soft. It looks like you took this image at the sweet light time right as the sun slipped below the horizon. The other very nice thing about the image is the warm peachy flesh tone against the cool slate blue sky and water - aprox. opposites on the color wheel so a particularly effective color scheme in an image.

    The bride & groom - again - cropped too tight IMO. I can't tell lighting from this small file. Are the brides eyes pocketed? Or is that just the low res? If the lighting is good - this image could also have potential.

    Flower girl - Can't put my finger on it but something bothers me. The background color is pulled from her eyes I think - but here it bothers me. Her skin tone doesn't work with it, IMO again. I tried playing around with other colors and couldn't find anything that workd better.She looks a little yellow on my moniter so maybe that's it. Her hand - holding the brides is so small in comparison to her face - I'm guessing it was taken with a relatively short lens. Don't know if that is a problem - just something I noticed - that distortion from face size to hand size. I'm not sure if I like the cropping as it stands on the right hand side but I don't know what I would suggest different. I think this is one of those prints that either speaks to you or it doesn't. So while if I was on a panel I'd probably be at 78-79, I think I could be easily talked up to an 80 if someone else felt strongly about it. In other words I'm teetering! Keith is sick with a bad sore throat. If He feels better tomorrow - I'm gonna try to get him to comment on these for you.

    Holly Howe M.Photog., Cr.

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    I think you've got a shot with "Afterglow", but as Holly mentioned, we'd need to see them larger.

    If the image is as good as it looks tiny, I think you'll merit it, but I wouldn'd make it so small in the mat.
    Can you post it larger?
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