What did you come away with from I-USA?
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    Default What did you come away with from I-USA?

    My friend and I made it back from San Antonio yesterday. We stayed an extra day because of the weather, and drove 200 miles through the ice on Wednesday Morning to get back home to an even icier College Station, Texas.
    (Home of Texas School).

    I sure had an enriching experience. In addition to the great programs (there were a few duds there as well), I came away with an expensive box with the words Pro Show Producer on the front. Also came away with an agreement with a new lab, since I was having problems with my current lab.

    I met Derek Alvarez aand Jeff Dachowski and had a wonderful conversation with them. They are both great resources for this forum.

    Missed the pre-convention get together at Rio Rio. We were there, but had arrived way early. Saw Don Barnes there and passed along to him our wishes for the rest of the group to have fun.

    Looking at the trip to Tampa already for next year, as this is an annual event not to be missed!

    Michael Bobinski
    Bluefish Photography

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    Micheal - I would have liked to meet you. Sorry we didn't cross paths. We bought nee studio managament software and two new backgrounds. I HATE spending money on backgrounds I I have always painted ours. But I just don't have the time anymore. Keith came away with his Imaging Excellance award and a t-shirt promoting IUSA in Tampa!

    Holly Howe M.Photog., Cr.

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    You saw someone else, DIDN'T you???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Art Wright View Post
    You saw someone else, DIDN'T you???
    Yes, Art, I saw you too. But I see you all the time. And I'll see you again at the Bridal Show next Sunday.

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    I-USA My Confession

    She caught my eye the first time I entered the showroom floor. Wow, she looked hot. I told myself I would just get into trouble and to simply stay away. But every time I went in the area she was located, I couldnt help myself, I had to take a peek at her. On my last walk of the showroom floor I wanted just one more look at her. I have to admit, I was daydreaming of what fun we could have together. It was crowded in her booth, so I walked and "accidently" bumped into her. OMG, her skin was so soft and almost luminant. What am I doing, Im a married man??? I dont know which of the 7 deadly sins I gave into, but I hope my wife understands when she, my new Larson 4x6 softbox and matching reflector ,shows up at my doorstep in a few weeks.

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    I came away with a lot of funky images!
    Will be posting soon!
    Jeff Dachowski M.Photog Cr.CPP A.C.ph
    PPA Approved Juror
    Upcoming events:

    Photoshop 101
    San Jose
    Oklahoma City
    Washington DC


    Avatar by 2008 Diamond photographer of the year-Don Chick

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    What did I come away with?

    1. A request to write a book proposal for Amherst Media
    2. An invitation to have one of my slideshows added to the Photodex Spotlight page
    3. Some great marketing ideas
    4. A confirmation that I'm on the right track
    5. Some great contacts
    6. Sore feet
    Howard Kier, CPP Weddings, ABI, MBA and DAD
    Magical Moments Photography

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    A sullied reputation

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    This was my first Imaging USA experience and it just happened to be in my hometown of San Antonio just a few months after joining PPA. How's that for a nice setup?

    I came away with:
    • A ton of wonderful information to sort through and integrate into my business.
    • A Canon 24-105mm f4L-IS zoom lens (hey, $100 off show special from B&H)!
    • BibblePro 4 (got suckered into this from an awesome demo the salesman gave!)
    • A Sandisk Extreme III 4GB flash card (for $100!)

    I had a blast and hope I'll be able to attend next year!

    (I must admit my nametag was full of "flare" - I had "First Timer", "New Member", "OurPPA.com", "PPA Member", etc.)
    Justin Moore

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    had a wonderfull time.

    inspiration to go out and create art!
    admiration - the print exibit was awsome!

    6 new background, pro-select software, a fancy light stand

    too many brochures and cataloges

    and the pleasure of seeing a friend micheal receive his degree of master


    i wish that i had meet some of you there - but didn't

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