Breaking news in Texas
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    Default Breaking news in Texas

    Sam Puc' and Dave Junion have just been added to the 34 class lineup at Texas School.

    12:01am Jan 3, 2007 (just past midnight Tuesday Jan 2, 2006) Texas School registration opens. You have heard about the phenomenon of Texas School of Professional Photography, now is the time to participate in this awesome learning experience for yourself.

    This is going to be an incredibly exciting year for Texas School. Last year we had almost 1000 photographers attend this great school. It is our 32nd anniversary. We have 33 classes to choose from, so there are no excuses. The cost is only $430 for TPPA members and includes all evening meals. This is the best education value in the country with the finest instructors in the industry.

    Check out the different classes at

    Read what another photographer wrote about her first experience at the

    Extra Bonus, if you are a TPPA member or register as a nonmember, you
    will be given a coupon to go to the TPPA regional convention FREE, that’s
    right FREE, nuthing, nada, no money at all.

    How do you make sure that you are a part of this incredible event?
    Set your clock to register online at 12:00 midnight Tuesday.

    Please join us for our 31st annual Texas School of Professional
    Photography, April 23-28, 2006 College Station Texas!!!!!

    Set your alarm for 12:01 a.m. Tuesday Night!

    Don Dickson
    Director TSPP

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    That's AWESOME news, Don! I've wanted to take Sam and Dave's class since I met them last year...

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    Their class will sell out in minutes if not seconds, make sure you are at your computer at midnight Tuesday.

    Good luck

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    Hey Don,

    Looking forward to it myself. I had a lot of fun and a great class last year.
    My lighting/digital class at The Texas School is the only week long class I'll be teaching during the year.
    If any OurPPA members are at the school, be sure to find me and say "Hey".

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    Don, what "time" is the Texas School computer synched to? I want to make sure my computer clock is in step with the school time...

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    We are SO excited to be coming back...(Ok, the threats involving cattle, skunks and the boot to the butt were pretty intimidating too!)
    Seriously, TEXAS SCHOOL is amazing. We had the most incredible group of people as students last year.
    I don't think I ever laughed so hard and who knew that line dancing was so fun!!
    Don't worry...We are still going to make every effort to cause trouble! (The Duct tape has been ordered!)
    Looking forward to the mayhem,

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    There is an "official " time clock on the web site, so you can see when the clock hits midnight.

    Good luck

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    i can't wait, too!!!

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    Man, I am so bummed!! I would LOVE to be there, but I'm afraid on April 23, my 6-day-old infant would object! Any chance you guys will be there again next year? If so, count me in!

    Best wishes and hope you guys have a great time!


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    Sam, Lori, Doug, all sold out in under 3 minutes!!!!!!!!!

    12-15 others are already closed, but we still keep a wait list for those who want to try to get in

    see ya'll soon


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