Correct Answer for 3:1 Lighting Ratio
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    Quote Originally Posted by Derek Alvarez

    here is a way to look at it

    1 ..2.. 4.. 8.. 16.. 32.. 64.......

    each number doubles these number are your ratios

    1:1 ... 1:2 ...1:4 ...1:8 etc

    so let put this to an fstop

    a 1:1 is f11/f11
    1:2 is f11/f8
    1:4 is f11/f5.6

    now lets add 1/2 stops

    go back to the ratio chart
    1 ..2 ..4 ok
    here is how it will look


    the *number is the 1/2stop ratio

    so a 1:3 ratio is 1 and 1 1/2
    or F11/F 6.7

    does that help
    Ok this Portion of my post is correct

    However the jury is still out on this next part

    All of the Portrait lighting Books I have show
    the Main/Key as 1

    which is always the way I read the Ratio


    your Main/Key light is always expessed as 1
    your Highlighs are always expressed to the left of the of the Main/Key
    which gives you an expression of 4:1 3:1 2:1 etc.
    and your shadows are expressed to the right of the Main/Key
    1:2 1:3 etc

    So if you have a Main ,Fill and Hightlight/Accents
    you might see this

    2:1:2 which is F16,F11,F8

    There is very little Info on this part of the Ratios listed on the internet
    but there is a conflict
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