Correct Answer for 3:1 Lighting Ratio
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    Quote Originally Posted by debwat
    The sample question on the certification website states a 3:1 ratio is 1.5 stops difference. Should I just go with that answer for the test?

    Anyone know why their are different answers.
    Well if I have my fill metering 5.6 and my main metering 8 then the highlight side probably will read 8.5. So the difference between the fill alone and both lights turned on is 1.5. But what a convoluded way to arrive at that conclusion

    Seems like a very tricky question depending on the way it is worded. The answer of 1.5 would be missleading if it were phrased as (Where do you set your power) as opposed to (what does your meter read). Now if it is phrased as what is the difference between the meter reading of the brightest highlight and the meter reading of the shadows for a 3:1 ratio I guess 1.5 stops would make sense. This would be handy to remember in available light.
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