So now let's go back to Don's comment:

This being said, I am at a loss to explain how or why the current Board of Directors at the June meeting could vote to eliminate usage of the PPA Certified logo and the term PPA Certified, by September 1, 2007, in favor of the "generic" term Certified Professional Photographer or CPP. This would be like Microsoft Certified being reduce to the term "Certified Database Professional". PPA has spent millions of dollars in brand recognition and now is eliminating that brand from a very popular consumer awareness program. In addition, as of Sept 1 of this year, the recognition of PPA Certified will no longer be used in any PPA publications. The Degree recognitions will once again come first, followed by the generic term CPP.
Is this true? I did not hear a "no" in what Al said. What goes in the blank:

_______________________ Certified Professional Photographer