Having been involved on the Board of Directors during the time the Certification prograpm was revamped, I can tell you that one of the NOCA (National Organization of Credentialing Associations) guidelines is that there has to be a separation between the credential and the credentialing association. Microsoft does not run the Microsoft credentialing program. That is why the PPA Certified program had to be spun off under the leadership of a new association and was made available to non-PPA members. While PPA, through the Board of Directors, has representation on the Certification Board, it is a separate entity outside of the PPA governing body.
This being said, I am at a loss to explain how or why the current Board of Directors at the June meeting could vote to eliminate usage of the PPA Certified logo and the term PPA Certified, by September 1, 2007, in favor of the "generic" term Certified Professional Photographer or CPP. This would be like Microsoft Certified being reduce to the term "Certified Database Professional". PPA has spent millions of dollars in brand recognition and now is eliminating that brand from a very popular consumer awareness program. In addition, as of Sept 1 of this year, the recognition of PPA Certified will no longer be used in any PPA publications. The Degree recognitions will once again come first, followed by the generic term CPP.

Just a little FYI

Don Mitchell,
PPA Certified, M.Photog.,Cr.,Hon.M.Photog