Jack Reznicki's Pre-Convention seminar
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    Default Jack Reznicki's Pre-Convention seminar

    As per Jack's suggestion in another thread, I've started this thread so that Jack can describe his plans for those interested parties on the board.

    I'm particularly interested in:
    - Who the seminar is focused toward
    - What topics will be covered
    - Anything else Jack would like to tell us (or sell us) about it.

    Thanks Jack!


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    Hey Todd,

    Thanks for asking and reposting it in a new thread.

    Well, the program is still being drawn, so what do you want to hear?

    What is planned is that Eddie Tapp and I will do one of our seminars that we've been doing and giving at Photoshop World (this will be our 3rd PSW pre-convention workshop) and we've did it recently in Texas. No one's ever thrown rotten tomatoes at us, so I have to assume people like it.

    I'll be covering basic lighting for advertising and advertising portraits. My big lesson is about understanding light. Understanding the difference between quantity and quality of light. And working with one light, to start at least. I show many different lighting setups and looks, using just one light. I show what a white and a black reflector can do and when to use them.

    I also do a bit on digital essentials. That always goes over well. I explain my take on histograms and how they directly relate to the white balance in your camera. Color spaces and gamuts. Basic masking (which I thing is critical in working in Photoshop).

    And I'll be showing what it's like in my studio during a shoot with time-lapse photography.

    In the afternoon, Eddie Tapp will take one of my files and "pimp" my file out. And go over all of Eddie's Photoshop tips and tricks.

    That's the overview. If I have time, and I may not, I also do a quick presentation on copyright. That may be hard to include in just a half-day program.

    Hope to see some "OurPPA.com" folks there. I'm trying to get an "OurPPA.com" table at the big party, to congregate around.

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    Thanks for the explanation, Jack. Do you think that the lighting section of your presentation would be beneficial to those of us who need a little more work on our studio lighting for portraits?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Todd Reichman
    Thanks for the explanation, Jack. Do you think that the lighting section of your presentation would be beneficial to those of us who need a little more work on our studio lighting for portraits?

    I'm always a bad judge of that. I just do what I do and teach the way I teach. But the feedback I get from classes like the Texas School and from workshops, I'd say yes, you will get stuff that will be beneficial.

    I try and teach concepts of lighting rather than formulas. How to think about your light sources. Hopefully it gets you trying stuff. In the end, nothing beats you yourself testing and making pictures.
    If all you get from one of my classes is sitting and taking notes, than it wouldn't mean much.
    But I have had students come back to me after classes with printed pieces and they say that the lighting was inspired by my class. One from Mexico was an architectural photographer. I don't teach architecture photography. Someone else had a cover of a magazine with a beauty shot of a model.
    Again, concepts, not formulas.

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    Hi, Jack

    This feels like a silly question, but I'm looking at the early scheduling information on the Imaging USA website, and I can't fine a price for the CPI pre-convention seminars - are they free with the Imaging USA attendance fee?



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    In the magazine, I think they say added cost, which is normal for pre-convention class, except for the leadership training seminar, which I wanted to do two years ago, but my plane was delayed a day due to stormy weather in the east and northeast.

    I plan to make a serious attempt to attend.

    George Hawkins
    Cr. Photog.

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