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    For the CPP, it is required that you fill out a "Statement of Purpose" form. Ok, so this is probably a really stupid question, but what exactly are you supposed to put for the "Purpose" of each image you submit for review?

    The images are all supposed to be from client work, so isn't the purpose to create a saleable image for your client? Am I being to shallow?

    Or is the purpose more-or-less just a "title" for the image?

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    Default Purpose ....

    Hi John;

    Since it's a Monday morning ... remember its' purpose and not porpoise. No dolphins needed. LOL

    Ok, an example would be ... a portrait of a young lady, all in white, with a rosary and bible ... you would list that it was to commemorate her 1st communion. Or a teen posing with his prized car would have a statement that it was created for senior portraits. It can be as simple as saying a couple portrait was for engagement or an anniversary. Or an image of a product can be listed as an image for a magazine ad. Some images may need more explanation than others that are more self-explanatory.

    I hope it seems more clear now.

    D. Craig Flory PPA Certified, Cr.Photog., PPA C.P.P. Liaison, ASP

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    Is this needed in some fashion for images submitted on DVD?
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    Thanks Craig, that should be easy enough. Ok, no more excuses ... I'll be sending in my DVD this week.

    Kirk, as far as I know, the "Statement of Purpose" form is required regardless of how you submit your images (ie 8x10 prints or DVD).

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    Default Statement of Purpose

    The statement of purpose is required for all image submissions. It is usually pretty straightforward. I do know that it can be useful as I've heard judges saying "oh this is an executive portrait, I thought it was a family portrait shot. The lighting on this is fine than.'

    In some instances the photographer did something unusual to accomodate the client and it is always a good idea to let us know about these cases. The most famous is a member who tinted an image green to match the interior of a house, but didn't let us know. The image was rejected because the color was so far off.

    I hope this helps explain it.

    David Mithofer

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