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    Default Membership management software suggestions

    Hi All--

    I'm the webmaster for the Palm Beach affiliate (, and we're looking for suggestions on software to help us manage our membership database. Right now, we're using Wild Apricot, but we're also looking at Member Find Me, and I'm wondering what other guilds do to keep track of members over time (especially with the revolving nature of all-volunteer boards).

    Thanks in advance!

    Steve Daubs

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    Default Re: Membership management software suggestions

    Hey Steve,
    I'm the president of DPPA (Detroit professional Photographers Assoc.) and will soon be on the bard of the PPM (Pro photog of MI). I had looked at a number of solutions out there before I got the DPPA hooked up with WA, and we haven't looked back since. I know that the PPM had also been using WA, and that's one of the main reasons that the DPPA did the same. We're close allies and I was able to talk one on one with others already using it.
    As you mention, with the "revolving nature" of board now, it's a real easy thing to pick up, and if you need help, it seems they're always adding new features and help areas.

    Rick Dupler, CPP
    President DPPA 2015-2016

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