As lame as it might sound... I've never competed in print comp even though I'm a CPP and have some speaker merits. I took advantage of Christine's invitation to enter the PPO (Professional Photographer's of Ohio) non-member portion of their comp to test the waters. Watching it live and hearing the judging was very illuminating. I submitted the following:

This one was called: Expressive


It scored 81-80-76 = 79 Besides a joke about what would it take to merit: "other judges" There was one comment of a moire pattern on her chest that may be holding it back. Personally I'm not wrapped up in ego on this one. I'm not sure I'm happy with the vignette and wondered if the presentation wasn't off. I am interested in what elements I could improve in general to take this to the next level. I've read the 12 elements but I've never competed and the judging is still a mystery to me. Honestly, with how tight they were scoring I expected the baby to score lower.

This one was called: Loneliness


It scored 79-76-75 = 77 There was no discussion. I really thought this one would have scored higher than the baby. So again I'm not sure what I could have done to take this to the next level. I wonder if the image was bigger in the mat would it have made a bigger impact. I added the mat at the last minute. Originally it was not matted but I worried about it looking unfinished.

I would appreciate any opinions from those of you who have competed including opinions that they simply were not good enough to enter in the first place. As I said...I'm ego free on these...Just trying to figure out what it takes.