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    Default PP of Ohio Digital Image Comp 11/2/13 OPEN to NON-Members

    On the chance that someone is looking to get some input on images:

    I'm the image comp chair for Ohio's fall convention this weekend. We have opened our competition to non-members. I've been advertising this on some FB competition groups I belong to, but in case there are some competitors here....

    The deadline is this Saturday at 1 AM for the competition Saturday evening. We have three affiliated jurors as our panel, which makes us one of the few states that uses the higher-qualified level judges for our competitions.

    This is an excellent way to see how your images may fare and help make your image selection process for your own state a bit easier.

    Entries are DIGITAL, $10 each, no limit, and the same subject is allowed to be used multiple times - a GREAT way to decide between images for later

    Scores are texted and the competition is viewable online

    Help a girl out and consider entering - details here:

    Thank you for reading and if you have any questions, please PM me or email
    Christine Walsh-Newton, M. Photog., Cr., CPP
    Ohio CPP Liaison

    Website Blog

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    Default Re: PP of Ohio Digital Image Comp 11/2/13 OPEN to NON-Members


    Thank you for posting this. I think you may have inspired me once again and will enter if I can make some time before deadline.
    Is it possible for non PPO members to merit? Even if it isn't I'm thinking this might be a good test run as I haven't competed before.

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