I'm looking for some insight and opinions into the changes with the PPA Studio Management Services. I've been a longtime member and always wanted to take the business breakthrough class where you had to have $50,000 a year in sales. That made sense to me since along the way everything I read said to keep your day job until your making 50k/yr in sales and found that to be sound, wise advise.

Recently I was looking into the SMS class again to push my business beyond that standard and it now states "an established studio grossing at least $20,000 in annual sales." Why the $30K drop? I thought the SMS class had those sales standards for good reason. Anyone know what were those reasons were and what are they now? That is a big devaluing drop. Does PPA consider "being established" to having $20k in sales now? (yikes)

I know newbies need to be educated, its good for the whole industry, but who wants to sign up for a class that caters to people at half or less than half of your experience level? No offense to anyone but I want to be with people who are at or above my level. This is a bummer.

Heidi Soll