Hi Lela,

The disclaimer: I am not a qualified judge nor even a master (just 3 merits short!) So take what I say with a grain of salt and feel free to completely toss it out.

Some things jump out at me. 1: the title. It is generally assumed that the use of foreign languages is not a good idea. I know enough French to understand it - however that does not mean the announcer can pronounce it correctly or the judges will even know what you are talking about. Don't start off on the wrong foot with the judges by making them say, "Huh?". 2: The model's left hand has death grip on the glass. 3: When shooting profiles, you want to pull the model's hair back so it does not come out from under the chin. 4: Tone down the left arm. It's too bright and is competing with the face. 5. Placement. The model's face is in a third within the box, but it would also be good if the model's face could appear on a third on the canvas/board.

I experimented with cropping it tight and eliminating the left arm completely keeping only the top of the glass. Not sure that's the answer.

Hope some of those help.