Photographers trying to get their workshops affiliated
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    Had dinner tonight with the operator of another local studio. Very high end Senior Portraits $3000+ average senior sale studio. These guys are big time.
    They have several upcoming workshops, and will be speaking at our state level function in June.

    But I am concerned.
    The President of their local guild is telling them that they must be Approved and voted on by the them before they are allowed to Affiliate their workshops with PPA.
    I've never heard of such a thing.

    Am I wrong or is this between the couple and PPA?
    I do not believe that instructors have to subject themselves to approval from anyone besides PPA when asking for Affiliation in order to award merits to attendees of their workshops.
    Some instructors who teach workshops do not even belong to a local guild.

    I told the couple to deal directly with PPA in getting their workshops affiliated and ignore the rest. They've already filled out the paperwork and are awaiting response.
    Do I have this all wrong?
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