First off I want to say that over the past couple of years being a PPA member I have learned so much from fellow PPA members. I can go on the list of people that I respect and learned from but that would be a long list. Now I have asked this in the past but now I feel that I have an general grasp on what I would like to do next. As business is growing in our area, I want to set myself apart from the rest of photographers in our area and show current and future clients why they should do business with us. I have thought that I should go and take the CPP test but I decided on not to at this time (long story on this but I freeze up on test really bad) So I decided that maybe going for my degree will help me on this road. I looked on the site for the merits and degrees and somewhat confused on which that I should try to go to work on first.

I was thinking about working towards the MEI first but then I saw Master of Photography and thought to myself that I am now confused. I have faith in my abilities that I can do a decent job on post editing my photography and working on my photographic craft, but most of the education that I can offer to the photographic industry is in online and social marketing. I feel that I can not contribute my photographic skills as they are still growing day by day through learning new things everyday. What I can say is that I am confident on my post editing skills but still somewhat nervous about entering my artwork into any exhibitions. Seeing that I am long winded on my post I am now certain typing this that I do not know which direction to even start in.

Any advice that anyone that they can offer on which way to start will be greatly appreciated.