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Thread: missing merits

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    Hey Mike thanks for the heads up, my report is the same. I just checked and my merits for print crew(code 292) are there, but the IUSA merit( code 308) has not yet. Has your exhibition merit (code 110) shown up yet? In time it all usually gets posted, but i agree it pays to check the report to make sure they didn't forget one.

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    Hi, Ed - The exhibition merit showed up late last summer or early autumn - Hoping to add to it this year.

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    They only have a small staff at PPA HQ so it takes them some time to get around to posting everything - especially the convention attendance merits since they had so many people attend this year. Hang in there, they'll get to it...
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    alright, 2 seals at Districts... but then not great scores on my other 2. I'm going replace those and hope for that one more merit at IPC! Then I need just one more service merit, since Rick was so wonderful in helping me locate my missing merits
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