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    Submitting my images and wondering what they mean by "Statement of Purpose". Any clues? Is that just where you write - "This is my Short Lighting image", "This is a General Image of client work"? Or are we supposed to say more?


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    It's just something to let the judges know the reason you created the image - if there are any extenuating circumstances that you might want the judges to know about why you created the image the way you did, or a reasoning for any special handling you used for the image that might not be readily apparent by just looking at the image.
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    Thanks Rick!


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    This is from the Certified Photographer website:

    Statement of Purpose
    A simple description of the photograph is all that is required. For example, "senior portrait session on location" or "baby's first birthday session."
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    I submitted a photo of a moonbow on Yosemite Falls to my local affiliate and the judges had no understanding of what or how I created the image, or for that matter, what they were looking at. This I know from their comments. I should have written a statement of purpose and I am certain they would have scored it higher.

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