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    Default A couple of last minute questions

    I am all but ready to submit my images for review (my nerves are SHOT at this point LOL), but I have a couple of last minute questions.

    How big of a no-no is it to mix keys, for example, if the floor is dark brown, but the wall is light?

    Also, people keep saying to beware of a centered image. Some images don't make sense cropping them off to one side or the other, nor would the client want it that way. Should I really avoid any center cropped images all together?

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    Default Re: A couple of last minute questions

    The keys depend upon the subject and the situation. Sometimes the mixing of keys is out of your control, such as in a wedding candid or some outdoor images. If it's a studio situation where you are in full control of the situation and you are trying to direct the attention to the subject's face and there is a mixed key issue that pulls your eye away from the image, then it could be an issue. Centering an image is not a bad thing. In many cases, such as a single head shot, the most appealing positioning of the subject may be centered. Rule of thirds composition is just a guideline, every image does not need to be composed according to rule of thirds. I've seen many cases where a subject is placed on a rule of thirds line just to fulfill that requirement, while the positioning actually detracts from the image. For rule of thirds to work, the image it has to be compositionally laid out so that the subject naturally falls on one of the rule of thirds lines, not forced to fall there, and the use of the thirds composition strengthens the overall image. Look at the image from your client's point of view - would they prefer the image if it was rule of thirds composition or centered. If the client probably wouldn't buy the image in the thirds layout but they would buy it in the centered arrangement, then the centered arrangement is preferable. Sometimes people lay out an image in a thirds arrangenent to fulfill the requirement and they end up with a ton of dead space off to one side for no apparent good reason - that's forcing the subject into the composition instead of using the composition to strengthen the image. Remember, these images are supposed to be examples of typical professional level work - they do not have to be merit quality images.
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    Default Re: A couple of last minute questions

    Thanks, Rick!
    Tracy, CPP
    Recording Secretary, VPPA State Board of Directors
    2015 VPPA Convention Chairman
    VPPA Tidewater District Treasurer

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