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    Default Sunday parking at the show (Playoff Game)

    Since there is going to be a football game on Sunday, will parking be available at the lots around the convention hall? We went to DECOR one year (Art, Picture Framing), and it was a nightmare. All of the lots were for game only parking and they were charging fifty bucks to park. We ended up having to park a mile away and pay the high price. I know the game starts at 3:00 and we will be there at 7:30am, but...

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    Default Re: Sunday parking at the show (Playoff Game)

    Parking will be expensive that day. Try a Marta lot for $5 and take the train to the WCC.

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    Default Re: Sunday parking at the show (Playoff Game)

    I called the GWC parking office and they said parking would be $20.00 for the day because of the game. Should be no problem finding a spot close at 7:30 am. The price will be the normal $10.00 on Monday and Tuesday. Not bad considering it is only a 5 minute walk to the GWC from the parking lots. Sunday evening might be a little dicey getting out after the game, but the MARTA will be packed too.

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