After Dark is back April 21 -24 St Louis
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    The past two weeks there has been a surging call to bring back After Dark. We have decided to do one show a year and AD 2013 will be April 21-24 in St Louis at the Union Station Hotel!

    Tentative info at :

    there will be a two day registration window of Dec 8-9 > $50 off ( AD2013 )
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    for those of us that don't know, can you explain a bit about ad.
    and what is unique about the education.

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    Thanks for asking Joe. the best explanation is to check out: the past 15 post does a great job explaining.

    A sample of the mentors from the last AD =

    I used to speak at convention years ago and got frustrated in the direction education in the industry was going....2 hour infomercials trying to sell speaker product. So I created AfterDark 3 years ago with a bunch of friends. All small group interaction with exceptional instructors. HIt the AD FB page and ask those who have attended specific questions and they will tell you. One of my favorite mentors Mentors Brooke Shaden describes it better than anyone: -

    "I spend my time there, just like everyone else involved does, for three simple reasons: family, support, and growth." Brooke Shaden ... So Joe. It is more just about a way to exist than anything

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    Registration opens Dec 8th - 9th. $500 how ever the 8th and 9th "ADE2013" will get you $50 off. We are capping the attendance and from the response we have had to bring AD back and that we are only doing one AD a year there is a very good chance it will sell out this week end. play hard.

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    It'll be a blast! (although I'm not a big fan of explosions)

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    What is very cool is that 200 of the AD faithful stepped up in the first 12 hours of registration to make AD2013 ST Louis a reality. This is a huge statement on what AD means to everyone’s lives. We all thank you!

    So make your Plans and believe, by the middle of the week we will have all of the information needed to plan on the website.

    Registration has continued strong and we are confident that we will be selling out by Sunday night. Please share this with anyone you know that is still considering AD St Louis but has not yet registered so they will not miss out on the After Dark Experience.

    Monday, we want our focus to begin on the planning stages for AD ST Louis
    And it would be great to have the number of attendees set so we can plan accordingly…which is why we would like to have it sold out by tomorrow night. We sell out great! IF we do not, the discount goes away and the price for AD ST Louis goes to $600, no discounts. Please share, pass the word and do what ever we can do to sell this out so we can get on with the planning!!
    Happy thoughts, Dave

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    Thanks to everyone that has registered!
    We had a cap of 400 and we just sold that out yesterday. We have the space so we added 5 more mentors and we are going to open up 50 more spots.....and 47 are left. thanks.

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