The November workshop generated significant excitement from several CPP candidates. This workshop will clearly help you understand lighting enough to create images that the certified professional photographer commission will find meets the criteria for acceptance.

This workshop is now scheduled every month on the following dates:


DECEMBER 1, 2012 - 10am to 2pm
PAUL'S PHOTO - Torrance CA

- Instruction by Certified Professional Photographer
- Brand New Studio Classroom
- Two studio set ups with different lighting and backdrops
- Two professional models
- Limited to 10 photographers
- Learn all there is about light, lighting equipment, light modifiers

$10 Discount if you use COUPON CODE: STUDIOPPA


Studio Photography 101 provides student with hands-on, practical experience of working with studio lighting equipment, backdrops and subjects to produce fantastic and impactful portraits. If you are considering creating a new portrait business, in-home photo studio or wish to refine your skills, then this 4 hour workshop will definitely save you significant time and money. Whether you want portraits of your kids, theatrical headshots or to begin a commercial career Studio Photography 101 is for you.

Your instructor will lead you step-by-step through room considerations, type and uses of backdrops, choosing and using studio lighting, application of light modifiers, safely triggering your lights, determining the correct exposure and white balance for every scene. You will learn to use and control your subject and lighting set-ups to provide you with extraordinary and impactful portraits.

Studio Photography 101 is NOT a classroom lecture, but a studio workshop with two studio set ups, live models and professional instruction. Bring your Digital SLR camera. You will have multiple opportunities to shoot using each backdrop and lighting style to see the results for yourself! You will bring home portraits that you shot representing everything you learned so you can recreate them later.
Studio Photography 101 includes:

o Studio / room considerations: Size, ceiling height, impact of natural light from windows, existing room lighting, floor material, wall colors, temperature and ventilation.

o Backdrops: Muslin, paper, size, colors, backdrop stands, alternate methods of handing backdrops, storage, cleaning, flooring, set creation.

o Lighting equipment: Continuous, strobe, & portrait lighting; power sources and how many watt- seconds do you need, appropriate stands and use of sandbags.

o Light modifiers: Umbrellas, soft boxes, barn doors, gels, honeycomb, beauty dishes, reflectors.

o Triggering devices and methods

o Determining exposure and white balance: Use of gray & white balance cards, camera settings.

o Basic lighting methods: Heads shots, white backdrop, lighting of backdrop, dual lights, three lights, 3:1 ratio, Rembrandt lighting, open / closed, effects of over-lighting.

o Advanced lighting methods: Head shots and full body, clamshell, halo lighting, adding color to backdrops, black background, props, posing and clothing considerations.

$129.00 BEFORE YOUR $10.00 DISCOUNT (Use coupon code: STUDIOPPA)

23845 Hawthorne Blvd. Torrance, CA 90505
Fax 310-373-0053