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    Default CPP- A Few Questions

    OK- so I'm interested/intrigued by going through the CPP program. But I get the impression it is aimed at portrait and wedding photographers shooting the general public, of which I am not.

    I don't shoot weddings, and my portraits are limited to model portfolios, corporate head shots, and that type of thing. I shoot a lot of musicians (usually live on stage) and I'm getting into doing some commercial work. I also shoot the sights around where I live (the Jersey shore) to serve as decor- not what I'd consider true "landscape" work.

    On the upside, I've already read most of the books on the reading list and with a little studying feel I could pass the test.

    Thoughts appreciated...

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    Default Re: CPP- A Few Questions

    I don't do weddings anymore, my portrait jobs are by referral and that includes business card head shots. I'm a Commercial shooter and a long-time CPP, Arizona State Liaison, coach/mentor/teacher. I still see a lot of value in becoming a Certified. You'll learn so much while going thru the process, both in the academics and the critiques you'll get from others who are certfied and those with a lot of experience in what you like to do. Once you make your decision and 'Declare' and register, you have three YEARS to complete it. Most do it in less than a year, even as short as a couple of months...if the timing is right. GO FOR IT! Contact a liaison in your area; Go to and search for one or a few there, or call me: 623-846-8304.

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    Certification is aimed at professional photographers in general, although some specialties are more closely covered than others. The process of certification is beneficial to most photographers. It provides a strong foundation in the basics, which allows for greater control of your photography, and consequently greater freedom in artistic expression. Most of what is covered is directly relevant to what you do. Depending on where you are in your career, the image submission may challenge you, especially if you are relatively new but able to sell images that do not meet that standards for certification. Ironically, such photographers benefit the most from certification, as they learn to raise their imaging to another level. So the short answer is that it is almost certainly a good idea and beneficial to get certified.
    Mark Levesque, CPP, M. Photog., Cr. Photog, A.C. Ph., CPP Liaison, PPCC Judge

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    That's kind of the way I was leaning- thanks for the info. Yes, it definitely seems to be strongly routed in the basics.

    My next question is on the testing.... it's difficult to see where testing is held unless you actually apply. So you have to contact a liaison to get tested, is that the idea? Or are they held at common certification testing locations- like Prometric or other companies?

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    Exams are given at Imaging USA and may be offered at regional state convention.
    Beyond that you can usually schedule an exam with a CPP Liaison.

    NJ currently does not have any liaisons but there might be ones in neighboring states that would not be too far of a drive.

    The list of Liaisons can be found here:

    You have to give them 6 wks lead time in order for them to get the exam in. It may feel weird going to another State but I can tell you for me ... it's absolutely not a imposition to proctor the exam and I'm happy to host them.

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    Thanks so much for the info folks!

    Yes, Vance, I have no problem driving to Pennsylvania if I have to. And who knows, things may change by the time I'm ready in early 2013.


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