I only speak for myself, but my main reason for wanting to learn more about the system was that I am trying to get the best monitor I can and assumed that the one they used for print comp would be one of the best. I did also assume that it would be pretty close to what they see at IPC and didn't take any of the other factors into consideration. I assumed they were using the Spectraview software and puck, but didn't think about the other variables.

I have been looking at the smaller sister to this monitor,the new PA272W-SV (or the discontinued version NEC PA271W with close out pricing). If building a computer system that was intending to use one of these monitors, what considerations should be kept in mind when selecting a graphic card or other components? I had been considering using an EVGA GeForce GTX 760 for the video card, but the machine is being built for photo editing so any suggestions about what to look for in a card or other components would be greatly appreciated. I know the card should be able to take advantage of Adobe's Mercury Graphics Engine and have enough resolution for the display, have the right connections for the display, are there any other important things to keep in mind?

Thanks for the clarification re:AmbiBright

Sorry for taking this thread off topic, but hopefully the question I am asking will apply to creating the type of accurate viewing the OP was looking for.