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Aw Joe! You telling me you're a follower, instead of a leader??
First of all, who is Joe? I don't see a Joe posting here.

Secondly, I have read through the threads on the other post Whoohoo.... and I still don't see any answers as to what the heck the features and benefits of this Loop is. Plus, like Fuzzy mentioned in the other thread, this thing is crazy difficult to understand. I too don't need anything else in my life that takes more of my time to figure out. I am just way too crazy busy for that. Somebody needs to sit down and write a thread that tells us in much more detail that the heck the Loop is, what it will do for us, what are the features and benefits and why we want to be a part of it. Details please. This guessing game as you can see is just frustrating us all.

And I keep seeing replies such as, "We're rolling it out in bits and pieces." Be patient, we're working on it. Why didn't PPA finalize this new format and bench test it rather than throw it open to the members when it's just half baked creating more turmoil and confusion?