I have been trying for the past few hours to pay for a PPA membership, but can't.

I believe it has to do with my "last name." I go by "John Nettles, Jr." and there are typically no spaces to put "JR" so I tag it onto my last name on the same line. When I try to fill out all the information and submit it I get an Error that I have entered invalid characters (it would be nice if this error was more detailed seeing as I have been typing and clicking boxes for an hour....)

I tried to change my name by going into the settings and clicking edit, but it will only allow me to change my email address, not my name or anything else about me.

There isn't even a "contact us" area to get quick and easy help.

I even tried to log out so I could use ANOTHER email address and start this all over again, but when I clicked "log out" I got an error that "this page no longer exists or was moved from the PPA website" and I can't even log out!

Please, someone, help me figure this out.
Thank you