I will be the Convention Chairman for the 2015 VPPA Convention. I need speakers and judges, and maybe a few judges who can judge our annual print competition AND ALSO give a program would be great. If you want to send me your information (in a way that I can present it to the rest of the state Board of Directors), message me and I'll give you my email or mailing address to send it to.

I know that it is over 2 years away, but these things come up on us quickly, so the sooner I get as much in place as I can, the less stressful it will be come crunch time. The next state Board of Directors meeting is in a few weeks, on November 5th. This is when we will start discussing the 2015 convention. If you want to get it to me before then, great! If not, no biggie, still touch base with me. I'm not in a huge hurry, just trying to get 'er going.