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    We could use some help with critiques in the 'Certification Image Upload' portion of the Galleries.

    If you can find some time to comment on a couple it would be much appreciated. It would be nice to have at least one comment per submission and even better if we had second opinions.

    Please note that it is OK to disagree with previous comments as you may see something that others may not have.

    Our goal is help candidates with their selections for CPP image review. Hopefully with our guidance they will have a better understanding what the judges are looking and not have to submit 4 and 5 times.

    The gallery is open to anyone to read and learn from. I would ask only CPP's and liaisons comment as they are familiar with CPP requirements. Candidate can also respond for clarification.

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    Friendly bump.

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    Default Re: Attn: CPP's and Liaisons

    Thanks Vance for your dedication. I often forget to head over to the galleries to help, since I frequently get personal emails asking for assistance. I'll try to remember to make some time to take a look in the next day or two. Keep up the good work!
    Angela Lawson CPP
    Michigan CPP Liason
    AGL Photography
    Where Life + Art = Memories Forever

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    Ok... I'll contribute when I can.
    Joe Senchuk, CPP

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