I just booked my flight and hotel to attend part of IMAGING this year, and am looking forward to it.

However, I have some questions about registering for the convention:

I have read that attendance to the full conference earns one merit - I am curious as to exactly what this entails? I can not attend every day of the conference as I have to return home to attend to other obligations.... so, if I pay for the full registration ($129) but am only able to go to parts of the convention, will I still be eligible to earn the merit?

Also, where will images that merited at IPC be hung? Will the general public have access to see these (i.e. can my husband come along and view?) or will you have to have a pass (i.e. either full registration or EXPO registration - and which one?)

Sorry for all of the questions - but this will be my first time attending!

Thanks in advance for some answers!