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Thread: Judging Videos

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    Haven't gotten mine yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cynthiahovda View Post
    One of my four videos is a repeat of another. It has the correct title but the critique of a different image. Can anyone tell me how to get the correct critique? Thanks!
    Cynthia, I would simply e-mail PPA.

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    Sept 29 and still waiting. Since this is my first IPC I'm not sure what to expect. Is a month too long?

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    Hang in there and give them a little time. The jurors all went home after the judging and if yours were in the group that got missed because of the computer glitch, it may take a little bit of time for them to get the jurors to critique your images. There are additional computer issuese involved in order to get the jurors to critique them - it's not like they can just email the file to them and have them critique them at home and email them back to you - they have to get the critiquing software to the jurors who will be doing the cririques, get that installed on the juror's computers in order to get them into the system - then they can do the critiques. I've heard that the computer issues involved are a bit more involved than you would initially assume - so give the PEC just a little time - they'll get the critiques to you.
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    I still haven't received my video. Is it time to be alarmed yet?

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