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Here are 3...

I talked with another person that said maybe she needs to shoot specifically for competition instead of pulling from client work. Maybe we do. I have never done that, but may just do it for next time.
Mark, I do shoot a lot just for competition. I'll plan and set them up, but I know many photographers who will do the client session, make the client happy with what they want, then say "okay, now can I just try something?" and work in those competition elements that maybe the client didn't want, but the judges look for. I think you just have to do it both ways.

Your first image, It's a great image, but I don't know about the story. Not sure it pulls me in.

The cake one is cute, well lit, cute title, I don't know on that one.

The last one might be some photoshopping issues. From what I can see, the burning between the legs, it looks like there is a slight halo next the the girls legs, could be my screen, but it may be technical on that one.

I'm no judge and I am learning like the rest of you. I am trying to point out what I see and what I would look for in my own images, and hopefully being of some help, but who knows.