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    Thanks so much for the explanations on showcase book and loan - I've learned so much over the past two years through entering competition, and feel like it will be so much easier for me to enter next year now. For newcomers to competition, though, the process and understanding the judging is so complicated! All the fabulous information that Rick (and others) have shared about the process in this forum should somehow be copy pasted into a FAQ to be included on the webpage for next year's competition - it would be so incredibly helpful to so many!

    Not sure where I could "officially" make that suggestion?

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    Hello - When and how will we learn the actual numeric scores for our entries? It's my first IPC and I'm eager to learn where all my entries placed, especially the non-meriting ones. Thanks.

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    IPS isnt numeric, its thumbs up/thumbs down. Accepted or not accepted. If you ordered a critique you would get more feedback.
    Cathy Broderick, CPP, Choco-holic

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