Well tomorrow is my 4th submission- not sure what I'm going to do- never heard from the judge for my critique, I tried e-mailing her but never got a response :-( I was told my images were "archived" and that just maybe I.T. could pull them. I really wish I knew what images didn't pass, compulsory or remaining portfolio? I guess I will just have to take a stab and change up what I think may have not passed. The process seems like it may need a little streamlining. The uploads are tricky (I had a double image upload last time-not sure if this was why I didn't pass or not). After my 2nd submission didn't passed I received the "gold tube" in the mail that they did pass but I already knew they hadn't. I am just feeling a little down right now but I'm not giving up. I don't have a lot of resources in my rural area so I have depended a lot on the internet for feedback/networking. I started out this journey on the "certify with Sandy" site but that too has fizzled out. I wonder if they every reached the 1000 goal, does anyone know?

Time for bed, been up pouring through my images again and honestly feel I've chosen the best of the best and if there not good enough.......well then there not good enough and I will continue to grow and improve my portfolio until they are good enough.

Good night and good luck to all the submitters tomorrow!