I had some issues with getting my photos uploaded to IPC from the MacBook and after uploading each image the message would come back that my image didn't meet the criteria, ie 4000 pixels for the longest side.

So, I finally moved them to a USB key, took them to the PC, copied the folder to the desktop and tried to upload them. Same message, even though the longest side was 3850 x 3850. So, I opened them up in Photoshop and upsized them to 4000 x 4000, then resaved the image. It then uploaded just fine. I did it for all 4 images and since the others already had one side at 4000 pixels for the longest side, I just resaved them. Uploaded seamlessly.

So why would just resaving make them uploadable? It isn't critical to know, but I just hate when there is no reason besides because...

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