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    Default Remove Corners and Ribbons Before Sending Prints to THe IPC

    I know this reminder may be a bit late - but for those who have not yet shipped their prints in to the IPC...

    Please remove any previous competition exhibition corners, ribbons and awards from your prints before sending them to the IPC. These items will have to be removed from the prints before being sent to the judging, so removing them at your studio will prevent them from being lost.

    I know this sounds like a reminder of something that should be a "no-brainer", but we did have quite a number of prints submitted last year that still had the exhibition corners and ribbons on them from prior state and/or district competitions. We had to remove them and tape them to the back of the prints before they could be judged. So please remove them before sending them in, because the PEC cannot be held responsible if they are lost.

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