After Dark Kansas City. Sept 10-12 2012
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    We just finished AD Charlotte and going to take a few days off...however, we are about 1/3 of the way to selling out Kansas City and will be finishing the two day sale today ( May 18th ) at midnight. ( $100 off ADEKC )

    This is the last AD of 2012 and we will make it interesting.
    If you have no idea what AD is about...find someone who has gone and ask....

    Only those who have been a part of the experience really know what it is all about....

    First time mentor/ New York City photographer - her impression:

    Hope you can come and hang.

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    Ad welcomes the mentors for is going to be fun. You have one week left to register for $60 off using "ADEKC"

    Mentor Profiles will be up on the site by the end of next week....Play hard...

    Lindsay Adler
    Chuck Arlund
    Bert Behnke
    Jordan Chan
    Brian DeMint
    Dena DeMint
    Mark Fitzgibbons
    kevin Focht
    Beth Forester
    Dan Frievalt
    Travis Gadsby
    James Hays
    Stephanie Hays
    Julie Klaasmeyer
    Matt Lucas
    Alex McClanahan
    Dan McClanahan
    Amy Parrish
    Ed Pingol
    Thom Rouse
    Jennifer Rozenbaum
    Brooke Shaden
    Marco Simonelli
    Leslie Spurlock
    Richard Sturdevant
    Jed Taufer
    Damon Tucci
    Dane Sanders
    Jennifer Nace
    Ben Shirk
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    The Web site has been updated and the mentor profiles for AD KC are up:

    Thanks to everyone who has registered so far ( To date the best early registration ever for AD...THANKS! ) If you have not registered you have less than one week to get $60 off using the discount code " ADEKC"

    Enjoy your summer and play hard...

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    The world is getting over saturated with " natural light "photographers which is why clients who are willing to invest are again trending back to creative studio creativity and willing to compensate for that skill set. If you are new to studio lighting, Mike Ridinger > <will be doing an intro to studio lighting and light modifiers Monday night at AD KC. He will start with just turning the lights on and go from there...this 45 min class usually goes 3 hours and is one of the best attended classes

    ( June 15th the discount code " ADEKC " for $60 off expires.)

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    There is no other educational event in the industry that you can experience the variety of techniques, skills and vision from so many talented mentors! Opening your mind to so many different experiences at one time gives you the opportunity to create a new journey for yourself. Hanging with Julie Klaasmeyer Photography and Design Studio , Justin Jagare, Brooke Shaden Photography, Amy Parish and many of the other mentors I have gained insight into creating a new direction not just for seniors, mostly for the way I approach newborns and maternity....Thanks Guys, Dave

    Friday June 15th the $60 discount expires.....
    " ADEKC " $60 off
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    Spend a day at Miller’s!
    Sunday Sept 9th, Take a ride to visit the lab in Columbia, Missouri and see production in progress while hanging out with and learning from top-notch After Dark mentors.

    Miller's hosts this pre-event on Sunday, September 9th. Space is limited to the first 50 photographers to sign up. If a tour of Miller’s isn’t enough, you also get the chance to hang out and learn from Miller’s customers and After Dark Mentors Chuck Arlund, Jordan Chan and Lindsay Adler. They will present sessions on how to shoot and create products for your clients.

    You must be registered for AD Kansas City to participate.

    Register After Dark KC:
    for $60 off registration please use referal code " Millers "

    Overview of Lab Tour
    · 11 am – A bus will pick you up at the Sheraton Kansas City Hotel. During the ride, chat with Mentors Chuck, Jordan and Lindsay about how to create and sell products to boost your business. Snacks and lunch will be provided.
    · 1:30 pm – Arrive at the lab where you will break into three groups and continue to learn from some of the best photographers in the industry. You will also have the chance to see Miller’s production hard at work.
    · 4 pm – Bus will load up and take you back to the hotel.

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