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    IMO. Licensing in our industry will never happen until some Senator's family gets their wedding ruined or harm happens to a family member due to poor practices. At this time Certification is the only way to raise industry standards. While I an not in favor of mandatory certification I am in favor to in getting as many photographers certified as possible. It is my hope that gaining more certified photographers will result in higher customer expectations of what professional photography is. Thus raising the industry as a whole.

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    And just like that, this month's PPA Magazine has a great article on baby posing safety! check it out!
    Linda Gregory

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    As a professional photographer (or just a human being) you shouldn't be putting someone else or their child in danger. Safety should be a part of the educational process. But there are many these days who simply buy a camera and "become" a pro overnight. If they don't participate in any type of education then it does them no good. Should we promote awareness of safety issues? Yes. Unfortunately common sense can't being certified.
    Mark G. Woods
    M. Photog. CPP
    "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." -Thomas A. Edison

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    Absolutely correct Mark. As the comedian Ron White says, "You Can't Fix Stupid". You still have people out there that unfortunately do not have the basic intelligence to make good decisions in many cases which results in tragedy. I still read stories of people out there who get in their vehicle and think "Cruise Control" drives the car itself. Perhaps the discussion should be whether there should be a certification requirement to reproduce. j/k ... well mostly.
    Randy Brogen, CPP
    Massachusetts CPP Liaison

    Brogen Photography

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