Recently I was having a discussion with a photographer who emphasis is babies/family. She was telling me about getting asked by someone new in the industry how she achieved one of the "propped up" poses as this particular photographer has tried, but not gotten it to work. Immediately she told her that this is a composite {the newby didn't even know what a composite was} and that you should never try the pose with out an extra pair of hands.

It got me thinking that my hairdresser can not even operate without a certificate, but yet we take the precious gift of a child and some photographers put that gift in jeopordy due to not having the knowledge of simple safety. Something is totally wrong here!

I would love to see PPA create a certification making it easier for those photographers who take the time to learn proper baby safety to advertise as such... being "Certified Newborn Baby Photographer".

Thank you, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated on how to get a program like this up and running and get this portion of our industry back on track to a high standard of safety!