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    After Dark first time mentor Richard Sturdevant’s fluid combination of photography with fine art skills stems from his original artistic roots. Prior to becoming a photographer, Richard made his living as a classic and award-winning artist and also was a national art instructor and a published subject matter expert. Using airbrush and oil, his unique but photorealistic style made for a natural transition to photography. Today his passion for painting comes alive in his creations of photographic art.
    Richard Sturdevant’s bio

    The After Dark Charlotte Mentor line up is impressive.

    to register for AD Charlotte:
    ( $50 off ) ADE50
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    After Dark has been a great adventure for everyone and we thank the mentors, the partners and everyone involved for helping create a pretty cool experience. We are going on 11 events, which is pretty wild in itself with the excitement and experience getting better at every show. After Dark needs your help. After Dark has never made a profit from any of the events to date and owe a huge thank you to the bald guys, the management team and the make up team for contributing so much for expenses only!

    We only need to get another 40 people at each show to be able to show the After Dark support team the gratitude they deserve.

    We ask that you help us spread the word and convince those that have been on the fence that After Dark is the best photography education event in the industry. So join us in our excitement and let people know what AD is really all about…

    After dark thanks you. Play hard…Dave

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    Please welcome Jennifer Rozenbaum to the line up of After Dark mentors in Charlotte!.
    -Like many people, I turned to the camera to get me through a difficult time in my life. I started by shooting some small weddings, but I was pretty bad at it! One day a photographer I was friendly with asked me to join her at a boudoir shoot (because my camera had a higher ISO than hers and the hotel was dark.). When I finished the shoot, I ran home and exclaimed to my husband, “I know what I want to be when I grow up!”
    Thankfully my husband believed in me, and the whole idea. He has been so instrumental in my success, along with the rest of my family.
    Jens bio -
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    Ad Charlotte we have brought in a number of new mentors that may not fit your " style" but will make you think sand bring your work to a place you have not been before.

    Thom Rouse is one of those mentors.
    from Thom,
    As a photographer I have become a collector of elements for finished works that are assembled in the computer. As a digital artist, I manipulate, embellish and composite images in the computer, however, in staying faithful to my background as a photographer, all principle elements are photographic in origin and not rendered in the computer. Environmental textures (both natural and man made) are photographed and redeployed as overlays for photographed objects -often but not exclusively figure studies.
    Thom's and all of the Charlotte mentors bio's are at:
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    Marco is a friend of Chuckies...need we say more..
    From Marco:
    In my years learning the craft (still an ongoing process) I have figured out a couple of constants in myself and how I approach what I do. Obsessions: are the only way to become great at something; nothing can distract you, all your energy stays focussed in a single process. Creativity requires a method: routines can be boring but like physical exercise will get you in shape and capable of repeating a performance, a method will unleash your creative processes in a controlled way and give them direction and focus. Find a muse: this has meant a great deal to me. Unlike a mentor, which you want to emulate, a muse is a distracting agent. A surprise detour you just have to follow without knowing where it will take you. A muse will help you discover instead of learning. Trust your guts: well, pretty self explanatory.
    Marco's Bio:
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    Joy Vertz, has grown in 6 short years from a one-woman show in her basement to now running 2, thriving high end, boutique style studios with a team of 7 employees. She is a self-proclaimed numbers girl with a firm grasp on the business aspect of running a photography studio at all levels. Joy’s studio, Shoot the Moon Photography has maintained a steady profitability despite the decline in the economy and continues to flourish. It is incredible to hear the organization system that Joy has implemented to ensure that thousands of clients think they are her one and only!
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    Bert Behnke is back in Charlotte to share the wisdom of his world.
    From Bert:
    My philosophy is that its all about the subject. If you relate to them and make them feel good about the photography experience, you will create a meaningful portrait. Of course, that means you already have the mad skills both technically and creatively!
    Bert's bio is at:
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    If you are not sure what AD is all about...take a look...

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    Thanks to Scott Tracy for showing a glimpse of what AD is all about...

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    Ad Charlotte, May 14- 16. There is no other educational experience you can find the amount of skill, the amount of sharing, and the potential gain so much knowledge. Ad Gives. But then so does everyone that is a part of every AD experience. You can still get $50 off using " ADE50" at

    Full mentor profiles are at:
    Lindsay Adler
    Chuck Arlund
    Bert Behnke
    Cindy Behnke
    Jordan Chan
    Michael Corsentino
    Lane Crabtree
    Brian DeMint
    Dena DeMint
    Mark Fitzgibbons
    Beth Forester
    Dan Frievalt
    Travis Gadsby
    Jason Groupp
    James Hays
    Kathy Holcombe
    Justin Jagare
    Peter Holcombe
    Julie Klaasmeyer
    Matt Lucas
    Dan McClanahan
    Amy Parrish
    Mike Ridinger
    Tim Riley
    Thom Rouse
    Jennifer Rozenbaum
    Brooke Shaden
    Marco Simonelli
    Leslie Spurlack
    Richard Sturdevant
    Jed Taufer
    Damon Tucci
    Neil Van niekerk
    Joy Vertz
    Heather Bookout

    We will have fun.

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