After Dark Charlotte May 14th - 16th
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    After Dark Dallas as many who attended have said, “ It was the best AD ever!” Each show we have strived to create an experience of sharing, friendship and expectations of being exceptional. If you are attending other events in the industry and not walking away feeling your life has been improved you need to be asking why you are not attending After Dark.

    The Ad Staff, the assistance and the Mentors all clicked showing that the After Dark concept has arrived. AD Dallas was Exceptional. Where else can you go where two mentors are working with each other while six other mentors are watching with the other attending. One thing that makes the mentors at After Dark exceptional is that there are there to learn as much as they are to teach. There is a mutual respect for everyone involved.

    Viviana Peralta (from Bogotá’, Columbia) has become an After Dark Addict. She has described it as good as anyone I know. If you do not understand the value of After Dark you may want to check out the thoughts of someone who travels from another country to attend AD: Viviana’s thought’s

    To understand why you should be at an After Dark check out our fan page, those who attended AD Dallas make a great case:

    Images from AD Dallas:

    The planning for Charlotte is already in gear and the mentors will be announced in two weeks. We will be running the “ADE72” ($72 off) for another week. The discount will be going to $50 off before the mentors are announced.

    Thanks again everyone, It is a great feeling to know AD is making such an impact on so many lives in such a positive way,

    Play hard, Dave
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    Just sharing form a dance company doing Pinocchio this week end..
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    Lance Taylor came up with the idea we should share what AD is all about by sharing "behind the scene shots" and pullback shots of what happens at AD. Killer idea! I ask you to share not only your "behind the scene" images but also favorite stories. Please upload at:

    Thanks everyone. We need to share what AD is all about so we can make sure we continue to get the registration numbers we need to make sure AD continues to grow. Thanks!

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    I am always saying how one should get involved with their schools/ community.....this is just an example....and also, because I have been giving over the years to a local high school choir....They are paying my way to go document them sing in Vienna and Prauge in two weeks...
    the story:

    I am hanging around last thursday having an afternoon Dr. Peppere when Renee Feldhausen Buchholz ( teacher/ dance guru at DCE) stops by and thinks we should create a video for this contest. . I get all excited and suggest to the Kids that it should be about getting Lady A to go to Henryville, IN ( ) instead of their now school....They are all over it...Anyone complaining about kids and schools today need to get out and see what is really happening....This is what we came up with...

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    To everyone from AD Dallas. we found the glitch in the code and the upload page to the gallery is working !!!!

    Please be kind and remember your models.....many apologies for the delay...Marathon did a great job finding the corrupted code was buried deep. thanks again everyone. ONE IMAGE< EVERY MODEL>>>EVERY SESSION...thank you!

    Galleries to view

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    Ad Charlotte mentors. 2 more days of "ADE72" - $72 off registration and it goes away....

    Lindsay Adler
    Chuck Arlund
    Bert Behnke
    Cindy Behnke
    Jordan Chan
    Michael Corsentino
    Lane Crabtree
    Brian DeMint
    Dena DeMint
    Mark Fitzgibbons
    Beth Forester
    Dan Frievalt
    Travis Gadsby
    Jason Groupp
    James Hays
    Kathy Holcombe
    Justin Jagare
    Peter Holcombe
    Julie Klaasmeyer
    Matt Lucas
    Dan McClanahan
    Amy Parrish
    Mike Ridinger
    Tim Riley
    Thom Rouse
    Jennifer Rozenbaum
    Brooke Shaden
    Marco Simonelli
    Leslie Spurlock
    Richard Sturdevant
    Jed Taufer
    Damon Tucci
    Neil Van niekerk
    Joy Vertz

    Mentor Profiles will be posted on the website early next week
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    Mentor Profiles are up.....

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    Where else in the world can you take a class with Brooke Shaden, being modeled by Lindsay Adler, with assistance from both Dan Frievalt & attendees? *No where* other than After Dark! - Amy Parrish
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    We are looking forward to this happening all the time in Charlotte. Many of the mentors have started working with each other demonstrating different approaches to the same challenge...It is a tremendous way to learn.

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    We may think the high school students today are self-involved and care only about themselves. I had the privilege to work with juniors from DC Everest, a local high school in a project that defines “Pay it forward”. Lady antebellum has a contest that they would show up and play at the high school that created the best video showing school spirit and the theme “ Own the night”. The DC Everest students decided instead of trying to get Lady Antebellum to their own high school, they would campaign for Lady A to play at Henryville High School in Indiana that was recently destroyed by a tornado. (Their video is one of Lady A’s top ten favs!)

    Along with the video the students have started a fundraiser to help the school out. For $5 you can send a Happy thought to the kids in Henryville and help them have a better day

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