Reznicki at Princeton Workshop April 28th
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    Hey folks,

    I'll be doing a workshop in Princeton, NJ on April 28th
    More info at

    Early registration ends March 15th

    Subjects to be covered by me, Steve Dreyer, and Alan Kesselhaut

    • Learn how to see Lighting and how to use it effectively.
    • Learn to improve Composition and go beyond the “rule of thirds.”
    • Learn digital processing Workflow from capture to printing.
    • Learn how to Save, Organize and Catalog photographs.
    • Learn to work with Camera Raw images and Basic Editing.
    • Learn how to use Layers in Adobe Photoshop.
    • Learn how to Reduce Digital Noise.
    • Learn about easy-to-use Software to enhance color, detail and black and white conversions.
    • Learn how to sharpen, print and save images for the web and email.
    • Learn the basics of High Dynamic Range (HDR) shooting and processing.

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    There's a free ticket drawing to this workshop today at Scott Kelby's Blog

    All you have to do is leave a comment and there will be a drawing from those that asked to be included. Real simple.

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