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    Default Digital Competition Submissions??

    I wanted to enter my images for competition digitally. My question is should i just send the image with no border or stroke OR set up the file just as I would if I were going to print the image and enter the physical print?

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    Default Re: Digital Competition Submissions??

    The image will be viewed as you present it. Iif you feel that a border or stroke makes the presentation stronger, use it. Treat the digital file as you would a print.
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    Default Re: Digital Competition Submissions??

    I agree. Some type of "presentation" almost always helps.

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    Default Re: Digital Competition Submissions??

    I am a new member and just submitted 4 images without a digital border...I wonder if they'll be disqualified.

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    Default Re: Digital Competition Submissions??

    They won't be disqualified but your score may have been higher with a border to put the print in its best possible viewing. Get critique if you can from someone so you can improve them if they don't merit and then enter them in the IPC.
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