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    Join us next weekend ( fri 2/24-monday 2/27) in Plymouth MA for PPAM's Annual Convention! Friday is FREE for non-members, and our affiliate day rate of $45 for sat, sun or mon. Our speaker lineup includes some fabulous ones...Drake Busath, Walter Van Dusen & Chris Rioux, Tina & Mike Timmons, Lissa Hatcher, Onne Van der Wal, Shannon Michelle, Binita Patel. There's something for everyone!

    Forums are great but nothing beats one on one. Being part of your local organization is invaluable. I can tell you first hand - I have made many great friends and KNOW I can turn to these people for business help, to send or get referrals, technical's all good. Plus-hanging out for 4 days with those who also eat sleep and breathe photography? Priceless!!!
    Cathy Broderick, CPP, Choco-holic

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    The Convention and the Speakers were great. Good job Cathy and crew!

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    Too bad I didn't have a little more advanced notice. Would have made it for a day or more.

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