When will Hotel link be posted?
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    Default When will Hotel link be posted?

    When will the Hotel page have a link to the Hotel and rates.
    It said April, now it says May and . . . well May is almost over?

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    Default Re: When will Hotel link be posted?

    If you are concerned about a room, search hotels by location near convention center; try to make a reservation if no payment required now. Then at no charge, you can change to hotel at PPA rate, if different.
    I realize some attendees want to stay at the "convention headquarters" hotel; in my case, I don't mind a short walk. In New Orleans, I have stayed twice at Embassy Suites, for reasons of buffet breakfast included and I redeemed points for three nights, and was very short walk. I have looked for Embassy Suites in Atlanta, and found it requires many more points and the rate is far higher. Oh well, I'll wait, if I am able to go....
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    Default Re: When will Hotel link be posted?

    The link to hotels is up now.


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