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...His hands are clutching a lighter which makes them appear a bit odd. I'll check my other images to see if I have better hand options....
Greg, I just had a thought about the hand position/posing point that was brought up. I'm not sure how you feel about manipulating the image with compositing, but it may eliminate the "odd hands" by compositing in a small lighter flame? I know that would need to be worked in as to not compete with the face etc., but it seems to me that it would almost immediately inform the viewer and explain (or excuse) the odd hand positioning that's been mentioned. Just a thought I had.

I really like the Mocha/Sepia/B&W version. I think it forces me to focus on the emotion, content & textures in the shot more-so than the color version does. Again, as others have mentioned, I don't know how the judges would view it, but the B&W/mocha version grabs me.

My 2 cents.