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    Tucson Mentors will be announced tomorrow Wednesday Aug. 31st. To celebrate, we’re having a one day sale “AD40TUC” saves $40 off registration until Midnight Wednesday Aug. 31st

    Nov. 6-8 2011
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    Brooke will be at Tucson AD...if you are not coming just check her site out for a mild mind trip...

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    Thanks to everyone who played at AD Charlotte!! We had a great time and feel AD is on the right path. Tucson will be even better... To better understand what AD is about check out what everyone is saying about their AD Charlotte experience on the AD facebook page ( click facebook)
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    So Charlotte was By far the best AD we have had to date!
    take a look at the Charlotte images gallery:
    A little something from the Switzer tim team created at AD:

    Tucson is going to be a riot......

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    AD tucson os going to have the same level of Quality classes, same desire to share...same insane controlled chaos....but we are stepping it up with a leap into the creative minds of Brian DeMint and Brooke Shaden
    If this is not enough to feed the creative passion you are searching for I am not sure what will...
    rest of the Tucson mentors ..... ( with more to come)

    If you are tired of sitting with hundreds of other people watching someone on a platform trying to sell you their DVD's and other products...I dare you to define seven things you want to improve be better at....and show up at AD Tucson and have the expectation that you will be blown excuses.

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    We are always asked what those who attend ad are a few unsolicited comments from AD Charlotte last week:

    Letitia Keyes Roberts
    Amazing Amazing Amazing experience!! Oh yeah did I mention Amazing!!!! I can't not wait for the next AD, best money I've ever spent, excpet the money Iv'e spent on baby diapers...oh well! See everyone for the next go round!

    Brian DeMint
    I return from AfterDark humbled, flattered, excited and inspired. A special thank you to Kevin Focht for his enthusiastic support which could not be more meaningful for me, and to all the other mentors who showed me such kindness and respect. Huge thanks to Dave and Kaui for their invitation and confidence in my abilities... and finally to everyone who took their time to come view one of my programs, I could not be more grateful. Thank you AfterDark!

    Nancy Goldstein I got back from my first AD in Charlotte last night, checked my bank balance, and registered for Tucson a few minutes ago. I've never been out west and am already having trouble sitting still I'm so excited! Do yourself a favor and grab one of the best educational experiences you'll ever have. Until the next AD, of course.

    Angel Eyes Photography
    Just got back from my second After Dark Education experience! For all my my photographer fans/friends out there you simply MUST check it out. You will never go back to a normal convention again. The thought makes me cringe. For all of my local fans I'm looking for a variety of models to come play. Send me an email at if you're interested.

    Marilyn Wilson
    I returned late last night from After Dark in Charlotte and all I can say "still" is WOW. This was my second After Dark experience (1st Cincinnati), and what I know now is, it will not be my last. I'd been straddling the fence on whether to attend WPPI or After Dark and hands down, After Dark wins out. Let me tell you why. After Dark (my opinion) addresses all my needs as a photographer. I have always learned best when I am in the thick of things, doing the work that allows me to get the results I'm after. At After Dark, you are afforded the opportunity to meet with the individual photographers, talk to them, pick their brains and shoot with them. You make the selection of who you want to experience and it's up to you to get in there and make it happen.

    JoAnne McArdle
    To quote the awesome Dan Fievalt “if you surround yourself with talented people your skills will improve”. 
The first experience is like drinking out of a fire hose! There are more opportunities that you can take advantage of. It’s helpful to know what skills you want to learn in order to grow or start your business. There are experiences in every aspect of photography. The coolest aspect is that it’s all hands on. The mentors are amazing in how freely they offer their experiences to us. They don’t just tell you their successes but they also share their failures and what they did wrong. They want us to learn from them, that’s why they are there.

    Jessica Fowler Machado
    After Dark Charlotte was an amazing experience. I love every miniute of it and will not attend another wppi after experiencing after dark. I cant wait to use all that i took away from after dark and apply it to my work and business. Hoping to see you all in Az . CHARLOTTE AFTER DARK ROCKED.

    Nancy Goldstein
    First AD was AMAZING. Working on setting up for Tucson now. Worth every penny, although next time I'll have a wheeled camera bag!

    Jeanine Mezei
    People say you should never meet your idols, but this experience has just felt like a metamorphosis. Everyone was so amazing and the organization was professional in every aspect. I cannot wait to attend another event next year!

    Rachel Logback
    Had SO much fun at After Dark this week! What an amazing group of people with amazing energy!! Can't wait for Tuscon :0)

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    Creativity Rocks and so does our newest mentor Brooke Shaden Photography. Tucson is all about pushing limits. Brooke is going to be sharing how she brings her daydreams to life. Join us in Tucson, Nov 6-8 and get ready to rock it. Use "ADE" and save $40 off until Midnight Friday Oct 7. See all our mentors:

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    Ad has had a long tradition of giving and paying it forward. Tucson we want to try something new. We all know photographers that really deserve a break...some one that has a heart of gold but a streak of bad luck....someone always giving and never taking time for themselves. AD will be accepting no,ignitions for Tucson scholarships....please send any nominations to : with a brief explanation why you think the individual deserves a scholarship to AD....We will try to make their hard...

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    The mentor page has been updated and we are set for Tucson....Looking forward to a great mix of skills, creativity and Friendship....

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