Hey everyone, I am new to PPA and am studying for the exam. I have a question that I haven't found the answer to yet and maybe someone can clarify. I have just paid my dues for PPA and am looking into getting a degree.
What I read was that I needed to be a member of PPA for two years before I can get the degree I want... M.Photog.

Here is my noobie question. Can I start earning points toward my degree now like enroling in webinars and print competitions and receive my degree in two years? Assuming I qualify. Or do I need to save my money and time on webinars and print competitions and only do them after I fulfill my two year membership?

I am anxious to get started but didn't want to go through all the time and money trying to earn points only to be told in two years that none of it mattered and I have to start over.

In summary: How long do I have to be a PPA member before I can start earning points?

Thanks in advance!
Chris Keating