Location Lighting Workshop Tour with Rick Friedman
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    Default Location Lighting Workshop Tour with Rick Friedman

    Hi All,

    My next stop of my "Location Lighting Workshop" will be at Calumet in NYC on May 13 & 14.

    This dynamic, intensive, interactive and very hands on seminar is designed for portrait photographers, photojournalists, corporate & event photographers and wedding photographers who want to improve their knowledge of illumination and light. The class starts with ways to create wonderful light using a single speedlite, continues to add a 2nd and 3rd speedlite and progress to using studio strobes, The class also explores different light modifiers (softbox, grid umbrellas and more), use of colored gels, cross filtering and balancing colors. I will be teaching both Nikon and Canon systems.

    To see my work and read what other workshop attendees say about the
    workshops please visit http://rickfriedman.com

    If you have any questions about the workshop tour, please feel free to contact me anytime.
    617-510-5653 www.rickfriedman.com

    Locations and Dates of upcoming workshop
    May 13th & 14th Calumet, New York, NY
    June 6th & 7th Calumet Philadelphia, PA
    June 10th & 11th Calumet Chicago,
    June 17th & 18th Midwest Photo Exchange Columbus, OH 212-989-8500
    June 24th & 25th Calumet Los Angeles, CA
    June 27th & 28th Calumet San Francisco, CA
    July 23rd Unique Photo Fairfield, NJ 973-377-5555
    September 19th & 20th LensProtoGo Concord, MA

    To register workshop at Calumet,
    and select “Location Lighting Workshop with Rick Friedman”.
    Workshops coming soon to: Seattle, Burlington, Vt. and Boston
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