First and foremost, please understand I didn't suggest merits for a Kiwanis club. I'm talking about related industry's trade associations. For instance, a wedding photographer can speak at an Association of Bridal Consultants conference or retreat. Now that you mention it, I do understand the slippery slope you're on. But OTOH, I actually receive ABC education credits for documented attendance at PPA meetings and conventions. The key is being documented and verifiable. Perhaps if the speaker were required to provide a copy of the program, their presentation and a contact, PPA could be assured the speaker actually spoke as they claimed.

Writing and publishing an article in an industry's trade magazine would be much easier to manage. Just provide a copy of the magazine/article to PPA.

I beginning to believe we reward those who speak and teach other photographers. That's great but that just creates speakers within our industry. It does nothing to educate those in other industries which are associated with photographers. We complain the general public does not appreciate good photography yet we do very little to provide positive public relations. As a trade association, we should be doing more to provide a more positive image of our industry. Part of the way we do that is by working with other trade groups such as ABC.