Corel Painter for Non-Painters Portraiture Workshop
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    Default Corel Painter for Non-Painters Portraiture Workshop

    Painting Portraits for the Non Portrait Painter with Corel Painter X & XI


    3 Day Intensive Workshop May 3-5th Monterrey, CA

    Join award winning Corel Painter Master Heather Michelle for this mind blowing three day Painter workshop in lovely Monterrey, California the first week of May. Whether you’ve painted organically or you haven’t picked up a paintbrush, this class will show you the tricks of the trade and break Painter down into easy steps anyone can use. Heather will provide you a brush set culled from her personal library that allows anyone to create a Painter Masterpiece regardless of art experience. The style you’ll learn is her “smooth skin” Portrait look with semi Impressionistic, more loosely painted background space. To see examples, visit and check out her Oils Gallery. On Day two, she’ll also show you how to take your portraits one step further, and paint more Sargent-like. The studio is within two blocks of Fisherman’s Wharf, and is surrounded by restaurants, hotels, shopping, and the convention center!

    Day One: De-mystifying Painter

    You’ll learn the most efficient setup of Painter X or XI, set your personal preferences, and tweak color management. You’ll discover how to read “brushology” and manipulate brushes to fit your workflow, and how to select brushes & strokes according to your subject matter. And you’ll dive into a fool proof system how to choose colors that enhance your portrait. We’ll put all of these tools together and paint backgrounds from scratch, and from images, and then learn the various brushes to paint inanimate objects.

    Day Two: A-Hah! Breakthrough!

    Watch the light bulb go off as things start to fall into place and make sense! You’ll learn how to break down a painting into sections, and which brushes to use in each section. You’ll discover the tricks to painting skin for any age and gender, and spend a bit of time focusing on faces, and eyes. Lastly, you’ll learn various techniques on how to paint any hair style. We’ll also touch base on how to paint more Impressionistically, and throw in some Sargent-esque elements.

    Day Three: Open Studio

    This open studio day will consist of tying every lesson together, and applying it to your own photographs! Each person will be able to submit an image and ask “how would you paint this?” Heather will project it on the big screen, and show you how she’d paint it PLUS hand out any brushes created from the painting with every painting. This invaluable time has proven a huge success in Heather’s other workshops. You can ask anything Painter! She’ll show you all her tricks, and secrets!! And share the brush sets!!

    You will walk away with an in depth understanding of how to apply Corel Painter to your portraits, the three step process how to paint skin accurately, how to choose colors that will enhance the portrait and engage your audience, how to create backgrounds from scratch, or manipulate a preexisting image, and how to troubleshoot the software. You will be well on your way to becoming a Painter Master in this small intimate class setting. Questions and sharing are welcome! In this environment your creativity will thrive!!

    Tuition includes:

    3 full days of in-depth Corel Painter 10 & 11 training

    One on one attention on day three’s Open Studio

    FREE Corel Painter 12 Zen tutorial DVD (by Heather)

    Catered lunch from Cafe 316, with an afternoon snack for days 1, and 2

    Breakfast, Coffee, Water bottles, and snacks served on each day

    An art gallery trip to inspire your paintings

    Class portrait via email

    LARGE discounts on Heather’s tutorial DVDs (on site)


    Free webinar for students only after the workshop for any questions that have developed since the workshop

    Free Half Hour WEBEX training with Heather after the workshop

    Join us a day early on Monday for a Monterey Photo Safari! Bring your cameras!


    Tuition must be paid in full. Early bird rates must be paid in full by March 16, 2011, and the final call for tuition is March 31, 2011. Tuition is non-refundable but fully transferable in the even you cannot make the class. Tuition is only refundable if in the even the workshop is cancelled.

    Early bird tuition rate by March 16, 2011: $598
    Final call tuition rate by March 31, 2011: $650

    Email for more information or call 1.888.372.4689
    Heather Michelle Bjoershol
    Corel Painter Master
    Heather The Painter
    Formerly Etherielle, Visions Interpreted


    Offering Wholesale Digital Art Services to Studios Including Award Winning Digital Painting, Retouching, and Design.

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    Default Re: Corel Painter for Non-Painters Portraiture Workshop

    Heather is awesome as is her work. She has done a wide range of paintings for me over the past few years including a football player, a 14-year old portrait, several adults, and even waterlilies. This course has to be well worth the time and money--I wish I were going.

    Gregory Georges

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